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B4161 陳義雄,方力行 1999 台灣淡水及河口魚類誌 380711;380712... 
B4907-1 邵廣昭 編 1996 台灣常見魚介貝類圖說(下)--魚類 380711;380712 
Lost1934 Matsui, I.; Takai, T. 1959 Osteology of the Japanese Eel, Anguilla japonica Temminck et Schlegel. 380711 
Lost1935 Matsui, I.; Takai, T. 1971 Leptocephalae of the Eel Anguilla japonica found in the Waters of Ryukyu Deep. 380711 
Lost2057 Matsui, I. 1957 On the records of a leptocephalus and catadromous eels of anguilla japonica in the waters around japan with a presumption of their spawning places. 380711 
Lost4144 Ozawa, T. 1992 Larval growth and drift of the japanese eel Anguilla japonica estimated from leptocephali collection. 380711 
TH066 桑自剛 1992 利用粒線體去氧核糖核酸序列分析日本鰻之族群結構 Use Mitochondrial DNA Sequences to Evaluate the Population Structure of Anguilla japonica 380711