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00910 Lin, Pai-Lei; Kwang-Tsao Shao, Shih-Chieh Shen 林沛立, 邵廣昭, 沈世傑 1995 Records of the genus Asterorhombus (Family: Bothidae) and its two species from northern Taiwan and Taiping Island 記北臺灣及太平島產兩種鮃科星羊舌鮃屬之新記錄種. 382698;382699 
02690 Amaoka, K; H. Senou; A. Ono 1994 Record of the bothid flounder Asterorhombus fijiensis from the western Pacific, with observations on the use of the first dorsal-fin ray as a lure. 382698 
08197 Norman, J. R. 1931 Notes on flatfishes (Heterosomata).-- I. Notes on flatfishes of the family Bothidae in the British Museum, with descriptions of three new species. 382698