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01378 Yeh, H.M., M.Y. Lee, and K.T. Shao 葉信明, 李茂熒, 邵廣昭 2005 Fifteen Taiwanese New Records of Ophidiid Fishes (Pisces: Ophidiidae) Collected from the Deep Waters by the RV 'Ocean Researcher I' 使用海研一號所採集之15種台灣新紀錄鼬鳚科魚類. 383235;383269... 
10449 Yoshihiko Machida and Osamu Okamura 1983 Additional information on a rare Ophidiid fish, Dicrolene quinquarius, from Japan. 383353 
B1287-20 Nielsen, J. G., D. M. Cohen, D. F. Markle and C. R. Robins 1999 FAO species catalogue Vol. 18 - Ophidiiform fishes of the world (Order Ophidiiformes). An annotated and illustrated catalogue of pearlfishes, cusk-eels, brotulas and other ophidiirorm fishes known to date. 381235;381237...