Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
B0832  1989 美麗的海水魚 龍和出版社 
B5461 任慕蓮等 著 1998 伊犁河魚類資源及漁業 黑龍江科學技術出版社 
B2864 張覺民 1995 黑龍江省魚類志 黑龍江科學技術出版社 
Lost3911 Imai, S.  The Characteristics and Keys for the Determination of the Species of Flying Fishes Obtain in Japan. 鹿兒島大學水產部紀要. 
B5123 王丁, 王克雄 著 2008 逝的長江女神-搜尋最後的白暨豚 The Loss of the Yangtze Dolphin 鳳凰出版媒體集團 
Lost3993 Howard, J.K. 1963 Report on Progress of Adoption of "Standard" English Common Names for the Presently Generally Recognized Species of teh Fish Family, the Istiophoridae, the Sailfishes, the Marlins and the Spearfishes. 鮪漁業. 
03947 Doi, A. 土井 敦 1997 A Review of Taxonomic Studies of Cypriniform Fishes in Southeast Asia. 魚類學雜誌別冊. 
07383 黑田長禮 1951 駿河灣魚類分佈目錄(含沿岸淡水魚). 魚類學雜誌. 
06982 山下剛司,木村清志,岩槻幸雄,吉野哲夫 2000 沖繩島之採集日本初記錄Secutor megalolepis. 魚類學雜誌. 
06977 岩槻幸雄,木村浩之,木村清志,吉野哲夫 2000 ユウヤケマツカサ(新種)Myripristis robustaの日本からの初記録 A holocentrid fish, Myripristis robusta from Japan (Beryciformes: Holocentridae). 魚類學雜誌. 
06963 Nobuhiro Suzuki, Akira Oka, Yutaka Sugoh, Katsuhiko Yamakawa and Takashi Hibiya 1986 Development of the Bitterling, Tanakia tanago(Cyprinidae), with a Note on Miunte Tubercles on the Skin Surface. 魚類學雜誌. 
06962 Nobuhiro Suzuki and Takashi Hibiya 1983 Development of Eggs and Larvae of Two Bitterlings, Rhodeus atremius and R. suigensis(Cyprinidae). 魚類學雜誌. 
06961 鹽垣優 1981 Notes on the Life History of the Stichaeid Fish Opisthocentrus tenuis. 魚類學雜誌. 
06953 Yoko Kanabashira, Harumi Sakai and Fujio Yasuda 1980 Early Development and Reproductive Behavior of the Gobiid Fish, Mugilogobius asei. 魚類學雜誌. 
06942 岩田明久,田祥麟,水野信彥,崔?眴 1988 Larval Development of a Gobiid Fish, Odontobutis obscura obscura in Comparison with That O.o. interrupta and of O.platycephala. 魚類學雜誌. 
06940 鹽垣優 1981 Life History of the Gobiid Fish Pterogobius zacalles. 魚類學雜誌.