Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost4112 Martin, K. 1890 Die Kei-Inseln und ihr Verhaltniss zur Australisch-Asiatischen Grenzlinie, Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Geologie von Timor und Celebes.  
03653 Matsubara, K. 1936 Biometry of Two Species of Japanese Cardinal-fishes, with Special Reference to their Taxonomy.  
Lost4113 Matsui, I. 1948 Genetical studies of the carp. II. On the morphological characteristics of tobi-koi (superior growing carp's group).  
Lost4114 Matsui, I. 1948 On the existence-rate of mature ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis T. & S.) by their sex.  
Lost4115 McAllister, D.E. 1977 Ecology of the Marine fishes of Arctic Canada.  
Lost4116 McAllister, D.E. 1976 Status and habitat of Canadian fishes.  
Lost4117 McAllister, D.E. 1977 The anatomyof fishes.  
Lost4118 McAllister, D.E.  The fresh and brackish water fishes.  
Lost4119 McAllister, D.E.; Harington, C.R. 1969 Pleistocene grayling, thymallus, form Yukon, Canada.  
Lost4120 McKay, R.J.  Additions to the Fish Fauna of Western Australia.  
Lost4121 Menon, M.D.  The use of bones, other otoliths, in determining the age and growth-rate of fishes.  
Lost4122 Merriman, D.  On osteology of the striped bass.  
Lost4123 Miles, R.S. 1972 New fossil fishes from western australia.  
Lost4124 Misu, H. 1969 Studies on the fisheries biology of the ribbon fish (Trichiurus lepturus linne) in the east China and the yellow seas 1. On the age and the growth.  
Lost4125 Mok, H. K.  A revision of comparative biology and phylogenetic systematics.  
00075 Monkolprasit, S. 1984 The cartilagenous fishes (Class Elasmobranchii) found in Thai waters and adjacent areas.