Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost3918 本間義治  新潟市れプヂガの付近の魚類. 新潟市の生物目錄. 
Lost3942   淡水河流域河川學魚類分佈調查研究. 經濟部水資源統一規劃委員會. 
Lost3947 曾文陽  本省吳郭魚的種類 漁牧科學 
04306 陳兼善  南中國產之鰻魚及其分佈 學藝雜誌 
Lost3980 林公義  諫早灣河口干潟の魚類ズコサ(II). 橫須賀市博物館館報. 
Lost3986 Arai, R.  魚類の染色體の分類. 遺傳. 
Lost3990 Otzw 大竹正治,穗井田克範,大津高  御所山周邊水系の魚類. 總合學術調查報告御所山(別刷). 
Lost3998 Follett, W.I.  An analysis of fish remains from ten archaeological sites at Falcon Hill, Washoe County, Nevada, with notes on fishing practices of the ethnographic kuyuidzkadz Northern Peiute , Neuada State Museum Anthropological.  
Lost4002 Alcock, A.  Supplementary list of indian fishes.  
Lost4012 Allis  Anatomy of scober scomber (Myology).  
Lost4013 Allis Jr., E.P.  The latere-sensory canal and relative bones in fishes.  
Lost4015 Arnold, E.L.  An impression method for preparing fish scales for age and growth analysis.  
02518 Bell, J. D. and R. Galzin  Topics of particular interest influence of live coral cover on coral-reef fish communities.  
Lost4022 Berg, L.S.  Classification of fishes, both recent and fossil.  
Lost4023 Bhimachar, B.S.  The cranial osteology of Ophiocephalus striatus-Bloch.  
Lost4028 Boeseman, M.  Chlamydoselachidae.