Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
21234 Huang, S.-P., J. Zeehan, and I-S. Chen 2013 A new genus of Hemigobius generic group goby based on morphological and molecular evidence, with description of a new species Journal of Marine Science and Technology 
21233 Huang, S.-P., M.J.P. van Oijen, K.-Y. Huang, C.-C. Tsai, and I-S. Chen 2013 Redescription of Gobius gastrospilos Bleeker, 1853 with comments on four newly recorded species of brackish gobies from Taiwan Journal of Marine Science and Technology 
21230 Shih-Pin Huang, I-Shiung Chen, and Kwang-Tsao Shao 2013 THE MOLECULAR PHYLOGENY OF GENUS Hemigobius (TELEOSTEI: GOBIIDAE), WITH THE CONFIRMATION OF VALIDITY OF Hemigobius crassa (HERRE, 1945) Journal of Marine Science and TEchnology 
B6033 藍家湖, 甘西, 吳鐵軍, 楊劍 2013 廣西洞穴魚類 北京: 科學出版社 
21226 Iwatsubo, H. and H. Motomura 2013 Redescriptions of Chromis notata (Temminck and Schlegel, 1843) and C. kennensis Whitley, 1964 with the Description of a New Species of Chromis (Perciformes: Pomacentridae) Species Diversity 
B6014 聯美環保科技股份有限公司 執行 2013 後龍溪水資源開發推動計畫(3) - 淺山溪流生態系統保育調查評估(2/2) The Marketing Project of Water Resources Planning in Houlung River III - The Investigation and Assessment of Rivulet Ecology Conservation (2/2) 經濟部水利署水利規劃試驗所 主辦 
B6013 聯美環保科技股份有限公司 執行 2013 後龍溪水資源開發推動計畫 - 淺山溪流生態系統保育調查評估總報告 The Marketing Project of Water Resources Planning in Houlung River - General Report on the Investigation and Assessment of Rivulet Ecology Conservation 經濟部水利署水利規劃試驗所 主辦 
21215 黃榮富, 邱萬敦, 許碧瑜, 蔡顯修, 李建平, 吳健德 2013 第三核能發電廠沿岸海域珊瑚礁區和商業漁業之魚類群聚組成 Fish Assemblage Composition of Coral Reefs and Commercial Fisheries in the Coastal Waters Adjacent to the Third Nuclear Power Plant of Southern Taiwan. 台電工程月刊 
B5964 藍家湖, 甘西, 吳鐵軍, 楊劍 2013 廣西洞穴魚類 北京: 科學出版社 
B5967 中國科協學會學術部 編 2013 三沙設施漁業模式 - 新觀點新學說學術沙龍文集71 北京: 中國科學技術出版社 
B5966 中國科協學會學術部 編 2013 海洋牧場的現在和未來 - 新觀點新學說學術沙龍文集70 北京: 中國科學技術出版社 
B5965 陳永祥 編著 2013 千種魚蝦蟹貝藻類圖 上海: 學林出版社 
21237 I-Shiung Chen, Shih-Pin Huang, and Kuang-Ying Huang 2013 A NEW SPECIES OF GENUS Pseudogobius POPTA (TELEOSTEI: GOBIIDAE) FROM BRACKISH WATERS OF TAIWAN AND SOUTHERN CHINA Journal of Marine Science and Technology 
21200 Ho, H.-C. and J.W. Johnson 2013 Redescription of Parapercis macrophthalma (Pietschmann, 1911) and description of a new species of Parapercis (Pisces: Pinguipedidae) from Taiwan. Zootaxa. 
B5947 薛麗妮  2013 海人上菜: 15位討海人的故事、漁獲與料理 台北市: 遠流 
21196 K.-H. Loh, K.-T. Shao, V.-C. Chong, and H.-M. Chen 2013 Additions to the Taiwan eel fauna with five newly recorded species of moray eels (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), and redescription of a rare species Gymnothorax sagmacephalus. Journal of Marine Science and Technology.