Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost4030 Bridge, T.W.  The cranial osteology of amia calva.  
Lost4032 Capuli, E.E.C.  Preliminary checklist of the Philippine fishes, Produced with Fishbase, a Biological Data base on Fishes.  
Lost4035 Chapman, W.M.  On the osteology and relationships of the south American fishes, Aplochiten zebra jenyna.  
Lost4036 Chapman, W.M.  The osteology of the Pacific deep-bodied anchovy, anchoa compressa.  
Lost4037 Chen, C. T. (陳哲聰)  Systematic Studies of Sharks of the Genus Centrophorus (Family Squalidae) from Taiwan  
Lost4038 Chen, C.; I. J. Cheng  Fishery Biology of Sharks in the Eastern Waters of Taiwan. I.Systematics (台灣東部海區鮫類之資源生物學基礎研究.1.分類).  
Lost4045 Day  Fishes of India: Famiy XXX-Blenniidae, Muller.  
01892 Deng, S. M., G. Q., Xiong and H. X. Zhan  A report on the elasmobranchiatc fishes from the Deep-Waters of East China Sea  
02484 DeSoete, G. and J. D. Carroll  K-means Clustering in a Low-Dimensional Euclidean Space.  
Lost4050 Eaton, T.H.  Median fins of fishes.  
01660 Ebeling, A. W. and F. A. Jr. Dewitt and G. M. Cailliet  Santa barbara oil spill : fishes.  
Lost4051 Ford, E.  Vertebral variation in teleostean fishes.  
Lost4057 Gudger, E.W.  The fourth florida whale shark, Rhineodon typus & the american museum model based on it.  
03382 Gunther, A.  On Carboniferous Sponges from Ayrshire, on New Fishes from Japan.  
Lost4059 Gunther, A.  Report of a second collection of fishes made at St. Helena.  
Lost4069 Holt, S.J.; etc.  A Standard Terminology and Notation for Fishery Dynamics.