Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
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21193 Lin, J., K.-T. Shao, and H.-M. Chen 2013 Taxonomic study of pike congers (Anguilliformes: Muraenesocidae) with identification of muraenesocid collections in Taiwan. Journal of Marine Science and Technology. 
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B5932 戴昌鳳, 秦啟翔, 鄭安怡 2013 東沙珊瑚生態圖鑑 Coral Fauna of Dongsha Atoll in the South China Sea 海洋國家公園管理處 
B5931 劉靜榆 2013 珍愛臺灣藻礁 農委會特有生物研究保育中心 
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21187 邵廣昭 2013 漁業資源真的可以永續利用嗎? 綠芽教師 Green Teacher 
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21167 Gomon, M.F, C.D. Struthers, and A.L. Stewart 2013 A new genus and two new species of the family Aulopidae (Aulopiformes), commonly referred to as aulopus, flagfins, sergeant bakers or threadsails, in Australasian waters. Species Diversity.