Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
01089  1985 會員通信 Newly Built Aquatic Natural History Museum at the Fisheries Research Station, Kyoto University, Maizuru, Kyoto 625 京都大学農学部附属水産実験所に水産生物標本館新築. Japan. J. Ichthyol. 
06176  1758 Flying Gurnards (Dactylopteridae).  
06190   Publications on Fishes Living Forms 1897-1960. The American Museum of Natural History. 
06153  1965 The Original Account of the Pacific Salmon. COPEIA. 
06154  1967 Fishes Caught by Trawling off the Northwest Coast of Borneo, Dec 5~11, 1966 - The "Oshoro Maru" Cruise 21. Data Record of Oceanographic Observations and Exploratory Fishing. 
06139  1964 The "Oshoro Maru" Cruise 4 to the Bering Sea and North Pacific Data on Fishes Caught by Trawling in the Bristol Bay. Data Record of Oceanographic Observations and Exploratory Fishing, Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University. 
06530  1999 International Symposium on Fish Systematics, Ecology and Physiology. Dpt. of Zoology, National Taiwan University Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica. 
06527  2000 Ecological & Environmental Symposium of Tansui Estuary  
06509   Characters Separating Howella and Bathysphyraenops.  
06488  1936 Supplementary Note on the Fishes Collected in Vicinity of Kochi-shi (IX). Zool. Mag. (Japan). 
06451  1983 The Ecology of Deep and Shallow Coral Reefs. Results of a Workshop on Coral Reef Ecology held by the American Society of Zoologists, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
01999   Synaptura Cantor.  
06533  2002 Report of Japanese Society for Elasmobranch Studies. Japanese Society for Elasmobranch Studies. 
06663   The Global Imperative.  
06648   Families Muraenidae, Ophichthidae, and Congridae Eels.  
06639   Family Orectolobidae (Wobbegongs and Catsharks), Family Congridae (Conger Eels).