Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
06768 Randall, J. E. 2002 Aseraggodes holcomi, a new sole (Pleuronectiformes: Soleidae) from the Hawaiian Islands. Pac. Sci. 
02407 Miya, M.; D. F. Markle 1993 Bajacalifornia aequatoris, new species of alepocephalid fish (Pisces: Salmoniformes) from the central equatorial Pacific. Copeia. 
05057 Randall, J. E.; Mundy, B.C. 1998 Balistes polylepis and Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus, two large triggerfishes (Tetraodontiformes: Balistidae) from the Hawaiian Islands, with a key to Hawaiian species. Pac. Sci. 
06668 Endo, H.; Y. Machida; F. Ono 2000 Bathyonus caudalis, a newly recorded deep-sea ophidiid fish from the north-western Pacific (Ophidiiformes). Jpn. J. Ichthyol. 
03634 Ishiyama, R.; Hubbs, C.L. 1968 Bathyraja, a Genus of Pacific Skates (Rajidae) Regarded as Phyletically Distinct from the Atlantic Genus BrevirajaCopeia. 
00429 Smith-Vaniz, W. F.; J. E. Randall 1973 Blennechis filamentosus Valenciennes, the Prejuvenile of Aspidontus taeniatus Quoy and Gaimard (Pisces: Blennidae). Not. Nat. (Phila.). 
Lost2653 Springer, V. G.; W. F. Smith-Vaniz 1970 Blennius antholops, new deepwater fish, from the Gulf of Guinea, with comments on the bathymetric distribution of the family Blennidae. Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. . 
01848 Shen, S. C. 1960 Bregmaceros laneolatus and Bregmaceros pescadorus, two new species of dwarf fishes from sorthern Taiwan and Pescadores Islands. Q. J. Taiwan Mus. 
05402 Chen, Jeng-Ping and Kwang-Tsao Shao 2000 Callogobius nigromarginatus, a new species of Goby (Pisces: Gobiidae) from Taiwan. Bulletin of Marine Science. 
00412 Hutchins, J. B.; J. E. Randall 1982 Cantherhines longicaudus, a new filefish from Oceania, with a review of the species of the C. fronticinctus complex. Pac. Sci. 
01565 Randall, J. E.; A. Cea Egaña 1989 Canthigaster cyanetron a new toby (Teleostei: Tetaodontidae) from Easter Island. Rev. Fr. Aquariol. 
01504 Randall, J. E.; A. Cea Egaña 1989 Canthigaster cyanetron a new toby (Teleostei: Tetraodontidae) from Easter Island. Rev. Fr. Aquariol. 
03843 Lubbock, R.; G. R. Allen 1979 Canthigaster leoparda a new sharpnose pufferfish (Teleostei: Tetraodontidae) from the central Indo-Pacific. Rev. Fr. Aquariol. 
00878 Katayama, M. 1975 Caprodon unicolor, a New Anthiine Fish from the North Pacific Ocean. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. 
03153 Bannikov, A.F.; Tyler, J.C. 1992 Caprovesposus from the Oligocene of Russia: the Pelagic Acronurus Presettlement Stage of a Surgeonfish (Teleostei: Acanthuridae). Mar. Fish.Lab. Div.of Res. and Invest.Dept. of Fisheries, Bangkok, Thailand. 
09488 Sakurai, H. and G. Shinohara 2008 Careproctus rotundifrons, a new snailfish (Scorpaeniformes: Liparidae) from Japan. Bull. Natl. Mus. Nat. Sci.