Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
09936 A. M. Prokofiev 2006 New Finding of Ateleopus purpureus Tanaka, 1915 (Ateleopodiformes: Ateleopodidae) in the Pacific Waters of Japan. Journal of Ichthyology. 
09937 A. M. Prokofiev 2007 Osteology of Florenciella lugubris (Percoidei: Epigonidae). Journal of Ichthyology. 
09938 A. M. Prokofiev 2007 Osteology and Some Other Morphological Characters of Howella sherborni, with a Discussion of the Systematic Position of the Genus (Perciformes, Percoidei). Journal of Ichthyology. 
09940 A. M. Prokofiev 2008 Scorpionfishes of Families Apistidae, Tetrarogidae, and Aploactinidae of Nha Trang Bay (South China Sea, Central Vietnam). Journal of Ichthyology. 
09945 A. M. Prokofiev 2006 A New Genus of Cardinalfishes (Perciformes: Apogonidae) from the South China Sea, with a Discussion of the Relationships between the Families Apogonidae and Kurtidae. Journal of Ichthyology. 
09948 A. M. Prokofiev 2008 A New Species of Eel Catfishes of the Genus Plotosus Nha Trang Bay (South China Sea, Central Vietnam) (Siluriformes: Plotosidae). Journal of Ichthyology. 
09949 A. M. Prokofiev 2009 Pseudoscopelus sagamianus Tanaka, 1908 (Chiasmodontidae): Designation of the Neotype, Morphological Characteristics of the North Pacific Population, and Species Variation within Its Whole Area. Journal of Ichthyology. 
09942 A. M. Prokofiev and E. I. Kukuev 2008 Comparative Characteristics of North Pacific and North Atlantic Specimens of a Rare Bathypelagic Fish Thalassobathia pelagica (Teleostei: Bythitidae) with Discussion of Its Distribution. Journal of Ichthyology. 
07387 A. N. Kotlyar 1993 A New Species of the Genus Polymixia(Polymixiidae, Beryciformes)From the Kyushyu-Palau Submarine Ridge and Notes on the Other Members of the Genus. Journal of Ichthyology. 
12099 A. Ochiai and K. Amaoka 1962 Review of the Japanese Flatfishes of the Genus Samariscus, with the Description of a new Species from Tonking Bay. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (ser. 13). 
12104 A. Ochiai and K. Amaoka 1963 Description of Larvae and Young of four Species of Flatfishes Referable to Subfamily Bothinae. Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries. 
13236 A. P. Anderiashev 1953 Ancient deep-water and secondary deep-water fishes and their importance in a zoologeographical analysis (English translated by A. R. Gosline). Notes on special problems in ichthyology. 
13020 A. P. Andriashev and Don E. McAllister 1978 Status of the Presumed Zoarcid Fish Ophidium parrii and Its Identity with Liparis koefoedi, Liparidae. Copeia. 
10657 A. Post 1978 Beschreibung zweier Notolepisarten, N. coatsi Dollo, 1908 und N. annulata sp. n. aus der Antarktis (Osteichthyes, Myctophiformes, Paralepididae). Archiv für Fischereiwissenschaft . 
06752 A. S. Harold  Order Stomiiformes gonostomatidae . Bony Fishes . 
12201 A. S. Pearse 1921 Distribution and food of the fishes of green lake, Wis., in summer. Bulletin of the bureau of fisheries.