Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
06915 Seishi Kimura, Kingo Tsumoto and Koichiro 1987 Development of Eggs, Larvae and Juveniles of the Cottid Fish, Pseudoblennius cottoides, Reared in the Laboratory. 魚類學雜誌. 
06913 宗原弘幸,三島清吉 1986 Embryonic Development, Larvae and Juvenile of Elkhorn Sculpin, Alcichtyys alcicornis. 魚類學雜誌. 
06911 藤田矢郎, 本間義治 1991 Induction of Ovarian Maturation and Development of Eggs, Larvae and Juveniles of the Puffer, Takifugu exascurus, Reared in the Laboratory. 魚類學雜誌. 
06905 Seishi Kimura, Kingo Tsumoto and Koichiro Mori 1988 Development of the Cottid Fish, Pseudoblennius percoides, Reared in the Laboratory, with Brief Descriptions of Juvenile P. marmoratus and P.zonostigma. 魚類學雜誌. 
06902 Youichi Tsukamoto and Seishi Kimura 1993 Development of Laboratory-reared Eggs, Larvae and Juvenilies of the Atherinid Fish, Hypoatherina tsurugae, and Comparison with Related Species. 魚類學雜誌. 
06897 Izumi Akagawa, Youichi Tsukamoto and Muneo Okiyama 1995 Sexual Dimorphism and Pair Spawning into a Sponge by the Filefish, Brachaluters ulvarum, with a Description of the Eggs and Larvae. 魚類學雜誌. 
06884 Hiroshi Kawase and Akinobu Nakazono 1994 Embryonic and Pre-larval Development and Otolith Increments in Two Filefishes Rudarius ercodes and Paramonacanthus japonicus(Monacanthidae). 魚類學雜誌. 
06879 Nobuhiro Suzuki, Nobuhiko Akiyama and Takashi Hibiya 1985 Development of the Bitterling Rhodeus uyekii (Cyprinidae), with a note on Minute Tubercles on the Skin Surface. 魚類學雜誌. 
06878 Katsutoshi Watanabe 1994 Mating Behavior and larval Development of pseudobagrus ichikawai (Siluriformes:Bagridae). 魚類學雜誌. 
06877 Naohiko Takeshita and Seiro Kimura 1994 Eggs, Larvae and Juveniles of the Bagrid Fish, Pseudobagrus aurantiacus, from the Chikugo River, Kyushu Island, Japan. 魚類學雜誌. 
06876 鹽垣優, 道津喜衛 1971 The life histury of the clingfish, conidens laticephalus. 魚類學雜誌. 
06875 藤田矢郎,篠元政明 1985 Development of eggs, larvae and juveniles of the puffer, takifugu chrysops, reared in the laboratory. 魚類學雜誌. 
06874 川邊良一 1984 Spawning Behavior of the Bridled Triggerfish, sufflamen fraenatus, in the Aquarium. 魚類學雜誌. 
06811 Nobuhiro Suzuki, Kazuhiro Umezawa, Toru Yabe and Hisayuki Murai 1989 Development of the Bitterling, Paracheilognathus himantegus(Cyprinindae), with a Note on Minute Tubercles on the Skin Surface. 魚類學雜誌. 
06810 Harumi Sakai 1990 Larval Developmental Intervals in Tribolodon hakonensis(Cyprinidae). 魚類學雜誌. 
05516 岩槻幸雄, 本村浩之, 戸田 実, 吉野哲夫, 木村清志 2000 日本初記録のコガネマルコバン(新称)Trachinotus mookalee . 魚類學雜誌.