Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
01996   Family Mullidae - Lachner. U.S. National Museum Bulletin . 
Lost1631 Edge, T.A.; Brian, W.C.  Reduction of the pelvic skeleton in the threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus, in two lakes of Quebec. Ichtyyol. Sec. Natn. Mus. Natn. Sci. 
Lost1642 Tang, Y.A.; Hwang, Y.W.; Liu, C.K.  Preliminary Report on Injection of Pituitary Hormone to Induce Spawning of Chinese Carps. Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council, Occasional Paper 63/14. 
Lost1688 Tetsuo, K.; Rynzo, F.; Tetsuji, N.; Mutsumi, N.; Toyoshige, Y.; Yasuno  Inshore Fishes of the Ogasawara (Bonin). Islands,Japan. 
03223 Vecchione, M. and B. B. Collette  National Systematics Laboratory, The NSL Works toward Healthy Marine Biodiversity. Israel Journal of Zoology. 
02281 Sakai, K., K. Yamamoto, K. Tokutake, T. Okamoto and H. Matsumura  Sea Fishes collected from the Coast of Ishikawa Prefecture, the Sea of Japan. J. Japan. Assoc. Zool. Gardens Aquar. 
Lost1737 Penrith, M.J.  Additions to the checklist of Southern African Freshwater fishes and a gazetteer of South-Western angolan collecting localities. J. Limnol. Soc. Sth. Afr. 
Lost1740 Meser, H.G.  Seasonal histological changes in the gonads of Sebastodes paucispinis Ayres, and ovovivipatous teleost (family Scorpaenidae). J. Morph. 
00272 Weisel, G. F.  Early ossification in the skeleton of the sucker (Catostomus macrocheilus) and the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). J. Morph. 
Lost1806 Chiba, A.; Honma, Y.  Histological observation on the hypothalamo-Hypophseal system & the thyroid gland of the sailfish, istiophorus platypterus. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. 
Lost1883 Singh, R.  Morpho-histological studies on the almentary canal of Bagarius bagarius ham. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology. 
Lost1917 Marathe, V.H.  The cranial osteology of Trichopodus trichopterus (Pall). Jornal of the University of Bombay. 
Lost1924 Eaton Jr., T.H.  Evolution of the upper jaw mechanism in teleost fishes. Jour. Morphology. 
Lost1930 Curry, E.  The histology of the digestive tube of the carp (cyprinus carpio commuis). Jour. of Morphology. 
Lost1931 Awati, P.R.; Wamman, B.D.  Studies on Indian puffers or globes fishes; I. The endo-skeleton of Tetrodon oblongus Bloch. Jour. of the University of Bombay. 
Lost1943 Marathe, V.B.; Khosta, R.  The cranial osteology of Etroplus suratensis Bolch. Jour. Univ. Bomby.