Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
B0851  1988 The Fish List. U.S. Government Printing Office. 
B2640  1987 沿海各省(區)人工魚礁工作報告匯編 全國人工魚礁技術協作組 
B2678  1991 Finfish Hatchery in Asia '91. Tungkang. 
B2723  1997 Ressources marines de Nouvelle-Caledonie Marine resources of New Caledonia. ZoNeCo. 
B2734  1997 IGBP REPORT 43 - Internatinal Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) Predicting Global Change Impacts on Mountain Hydrology and Ecology: Integrated Catchment Hydrology. Workshop Report. 
B2755  1996 GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH IN TAIWAN: The China (Taipei) - IGBP Report, 1996. China (Taipei) IGBP Committee National Science Council. 
B0029  1986 Enviromental and Ecological studies on Yenliao Costal area. National Scientific committee or Problems of the E. 
B0033   A Marine Biological Data Acquisition Program for Nan Wan Bay 1977.  
B0034  1978 Proceedings of the Colloquium on Aquatic Enviroment in Pacific Region. Nation Science C on P of E. R.O.C. 
B0048   アイソザイムによる魚介類の集団解析. 日本水産資源保護協会. 
B0485  1991 The Application of Computer in Agricultural Technology. National Chung Hsing University. 
B2271   Bramidae.  
B2290  1992 Global Biodiversity Strategy Guidelines for Action to Save, Study, and Use Earth's Biotic Wealth Sustainably and Equitably. WRI,IUCN,UNEP. 
B2320  1984 河南魚類誌 河南科學技術出版社 
B2323  1992 Ecology of Freshwater Fish. MUNKSGAARD COPENHAGEN. 
B2343  1996 ICSEB V - Fifth international congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (Abstracts).