Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
B6035 劉少軍 2015 魚類邊緣雜交 Fish Distant Hybridization 北京: 科學出版社 
21222 Chen, H.Y., K.-T. Shao, and H. Kishino 2015 Phylogenetic skew: an index of community diversity Molecular Ecology 
21227 Iwamoto, T., N. Nakayama, K.-T. Shao, and H.-C. Ho 2015 Synopsis of the Grenadier Fishes (Gadiformes; Teleostei) of Taiwan Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 
21195 Chen, J.-P., C. K.-C. Wen, P.-J. Meng, K.L. Cherh, and K.-T. Shao 2015 Ain t no mountain high enough: the impact of severe typhoon on montane stream fishes. Environ. Biol. Fish. 
20313 Fan Li, Kwang-Tsao Shao, Yeong-Shin Lin, and Chia-Hao Chang 2015 The complete mitochondrial genome of the Rhodeus shitaiensis (Teleostei, Cypriniformes, Acheilognathidae) Mitochondrial DNA 
B6086 哈拉瑞 著; 林俊宏 譯 2014 人類大歷史 - 從野獸到扮演上帝 Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind 臺北市: 遠見天下文化 
B6075 武雲飛 主編 2014 話說中國海洋漁業 南方出版傳媒, 廣東經濟出版社 
B6070  2014 Gageocho Marine Lives KIOST 
TH421 蔡宗憲 2014 台灣海域產擬鱸科魚類分類親緣關係之研究 (初稿) The systematics and molecular phylogeny of sandperches (Family: Pinguipedidae) in Taiwan (Draft) 國立臺灣海洋大學海洋生物研究所 
TH412 侯清賢 2014 氣候變遷對臺灣漁產品供應衝擊與調適之研究 (初稿) Imapct and adaptation study of sea food supply in Taiwan under climate change (Draft) 國立臺灣海洋大學環境生物與漁業科學學系博士候選人資格考核論文要旨 
TH411 周常恩 2014 西北太平洋飛魚的分子親緣關係及族群遺傳 (初稿) Molecular Phylogeny and Population Genetics of Flyingfishes (Teleostei: Exocoetidae) in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean (Draft) 國立中山大學生物科學系博士學位計畫書 
TH410 沈政翰 Cheng-Han Shen 2014 海洋保護區網絡劃設之研究 (計畫書) A Proposed Study of Marine Protected Area Networks (Proposal) 國立中山大學海洋環境及工程學系論文計畫書 
TH409 Nico Jose Sarmiento Leander 2014 Life History Traits of the Giant Mottled Eel Anguilla Marmorata in the Northwestern Pacific as Revealed from Otolith Daily Growth Increment and Microchemistry Institute of Fisheries Science, College of Life Science, National Taiwan University 
TH408 陳玟妤 2014 東海陸棚仔稚魚群聚組成與水文環境之季節及年間變動特性 (初稿) Seasonal and annual variations of ichthyoplankton assemblage possibly influenced by hydrological environment on the continental shelf of the East China Sea (Draft) 國立臺灣海洋大學環境生物與漁業科學系博士學位論文 
B6059 台灣水產協會 2014 台灣水產2014海峽兩岸漁業增殖放流研討會特刊 台灣水產雙月刊 
21228 Chang, C.-H., F. Li, K.-T. Shao, Y.-S. Lin, T. Morosawa, S. Kim, H. Koo, W. Kim, J.-S. Lee, S. He, C. Smith, M. Reichard, M. Miya, T. Sado, K. Uehara, S. Lavoue, W.-J. Chen, and R. L. Mayden 2014 Phylogenetic relationships of Acheilognathidae (Cypriniformes: Cyprinoidea) as revealed from evidence of both nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequence variation: Evidence for necessary taxonomic revision in the family and the identification of cryptic s... Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution