Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
00106 Wenlian, Z. 1984 On the geographical distribution of the carangid fishes of China Contrib. from t the Chinese Ichthyological Society 
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00109 Lea, R.N.; Fitch, J.E. 1979 A New Species of Rockfish, Genus [Sebastes] (Scorpaenidae), from the Eastern North Pacific off Mexico and California. Contributions in Science, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles County. 
00110 Goren, M.; Karplus, I. 1983 Preliminary observations on the scorpion fish Scorpaenodes guamensis and Its Possible Mimic the Cardinal Fish Fowleria abocellata. Developments in Ecol. and Environmental Quality. 
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00112 Ni, I.H. 1981 Separation of sharp-beaked redfish, Sebastes fasciatus and S. mentella, from northeastern Grand Bank by morphology of extrinsic gasbladder musculature. J. Northw. Atl. Fish. Sci. 
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00119 Waples, R. S.; J. E. Randall 1988 A revision of the Hawaiian lizardfishes of the genus Synodus, with descriptions of four new species. Pac. Sci. 
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00121 Fricke, R. 1991 Ceratobregma striata, a New Triplefin (Tripterygiidae) from Northern Australia, and a Record of Norfolkia brachylepis from Western Australia. Japanese Journal of Ichthyology.