Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
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Lost3120 Weitzman, S.H.  further notes on the relationships and classification of the south american characid fishes of the subfamily gasteropelecinae. Stanford Ichthyological Bulletin. 
Lost3139 Helmut Sasse, Von; Hamburg  Blennius fluviatilis Asso, 1784 (Blenniidae, Perciformes, Pisces). Subwasserfische der Turkei unde-serie c -NR.30. 
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01935 Tseng, W. Y.; C. H. Liu  Pacific Sailfishes (Istiophorus orientalis) larvae in the Waters of Taiwan Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute 
01936 Cheng, T. S.  The elver Anguilla japonica in Taiwan. Jornal of Taiwan Fisheries Research. . 
Lost3197 Tang, Y.A.  Progress in the Hormone Spawning of Pondfishes in Taiwan. The 11th IPFC Proceedings. 
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Lost3383 Wongratana, T.  Identification of [Nemipterus] in Thailand. To be published in Hawaii (2nd CSK Symposium, Tokyo, Japan).