Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
04454 Krupp, F. 1987 Tiefenwasser-und Tiefseefiche aus dem roten meer. XV. The occurrence of Cynoglossus acutirostris norman 1939 in the red sea (Pisces: Cynoglossidae) Senckenbergiana marit.  
Lost4099 Kuronuma, K.  Manuscript list of the fishes of ryukyu. Islands or Manset shoto, Japan.  
Lost4100 Kyle, H.M. 1921 The Asymmetry, Metamorphosis and Origin of Flat-Fishes.  
04597 Grande, L. 1985 Recent and fossil clupeomorph fishes with materals for revision of the subgroups of clupeoids.  
Lost4101 Leccia, F.M. 1978 Acta cientifica venezolana los peces de la famicia Sternopygidae de Venezuela.  
01904 Lee, S.C. 1987 Fishes of the Family Lutjanidae of Taiwan.  
01993 Lee, S. C.  Haemulidae.  
01906 Lee, S. C. and W. N. Tzeng  Two new records of fishes from northeastern coast of Taiwan.  
02577 Legendre, P. and M. J. Fortin  Spatial analysis and ecological modelling.  
04366 Li, C. 1991 Hairtail fishes from Chinese coastal waters (Trichiuridae).  
Lost4104 Li, M.F.; Traxler, G.S. 1950 Molluscan disease studies at the Halifax laboratory R & D directorate fisheries service environment Canada.  
01018 Lin, L.T.; Chang, L.C.; Lin, H.H. 1985 On the Induced Breeding and Larval Rearing of Pond-Reared Giant Per-ch (Late calcarifer Bloch).  
Lost4106 Lin, S.Y. 1933 Contribution to a study of Cyprinidae of Kwang-tung & Adjcient proviuce.  
04090 Liu, F. H.  Distribution and Fluctuation of 10 Important Demersal Fishes of the Northern Trawling Ground of Taiwan.  
Lost4108 Maddock, M.B.; Schwartz, F.J. 1986 Comparisons of karyotypes and cellular DNA contents within an dbetween major lines of elasmobranchs.  
Lost4109 Mambot, J.R. 1992 Occurrence Larvae in kagoshima bay, Southern Japan, with descriptions of ontogenetic larval Characters.