Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost0418 Conde, B. et D Terver  Chaeton rainfordi McCulloch (II). Aquarium. 
Lost0419 Conde, B. et D Terver  Pterophyllum scalare-altum Pellegrin (I). Aquarium. 
Lost0420 Conde, B. et D Terver  Pterophyllum scalare-altum Pellegrin (II). Aquarium. 
Lost0426 Huber, J.E.  Aphyosemion Walkeri Boul (II). Aquarium. 
Lost0428 Pourriot, R.  Pseudotropheus lombardoi Burgress. Aquarium. 
Lost0433 Akazaki, M.; Matsoka, M.; ect.  Spawning and development of bluefill, L. macrochrirus (Centrarchidae). Aquiculture. 
02071 Schwartz, F. J.  "Tilapia" hybrids: problems, value, use and world literature. ASB Bulletin. 
Lost0584 Hovestadt, D.C.; Hovestadt, E.M.; Herman, J.  Contributions to the Study of the Comparative Morphology of Teeth and other Relevant Ichthyodorulites in Living Supraspecific Taxa of Chondrichthyan Fishes. Bull. De L'institut Royal Des Sciences Naturelles De Belgique, Biologie. 
01932 Yang, J.  A Study on the Parrotfishes (Scaridae) of Xisha and Zhongsha Islands in the South China Sea Bull. of Taiwan Fisheries Res. Inst. 
02010 Jordan, D. S. and B.W. Evermann  Brotulidae ─ Fishes of North America. Bulletin 47, U.S. Nat. Mus. 
Lost0772 Yeo, S.E.; Spieler, R.E.  habitat effects on the occurance of parasites inhabiting the reageant major.abudefduf.sexatitis (linneaus). with a list of parasites of caribbean domselfes. Bulletin of Marine Science. 
Lost0797 Greene, C.W.; Greene, C.H.  The skeleta musculature of the king salmon. Bulletin of the bureau of fisheries. 
03832 Hirasaka, K. and H. Nakamura  On the Formosan Spear-Fishes. Bulletin of the Oceanographical Institute of Taiwan. 
Lost0910 Jayaram, K.C.  The Falaearctic Element in the Fish Fauna of Peninsular India. Bulletin, National Institute of Sciences of India, New Delhi. 
Lost0966 McAllister, D.E.; ST-Onge, D.  Postglacial forsil fishes from copper mine River Northwest Territories, Canada. Cana. Fie. Nat. 
Lost1015 Schwartz, F.J.  Mevements of the Oyster Teadfish (Pisces: Batrachoididae) about Solomens, Mayland. Chesapeake Science.