Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost4082 Ishida, M. 1989 Sebastes (Acutomentum) Paucispinosus Matsubara, a Junior Synonym of Sebastes alutus (Gilbert).  
Lost4084 Ishihara, H. 1991 Sexual Dimorphism in Number of Rostral Teeth in the Sawfish, Pristis microdon Collected from Australia and Papus New Guinea.  
Lost4085 Ishihara, H. 1990 The Skates and Rays of the Western North Pacific: An Overview of their Fisheries, Utilization, and Classification.  
Lost4086 Ishihara, H.; Stehmann, M. 1990 Notoraja Record from Indonesia.  
Lost4087 Johnson, G.D. 1993 Percomorph Phylogeny: Progress and Problems.  
Lost4088 Jordan, H.E.; Speidel, C.C. 1923 Studies on Lymphocytes II. The Origin, Function, and Fate of the Lymphocytes in Fishes.  
Lost4089 Jordan; Hubbs  Japanese Fishes Collected 1922.  
Lost4091 K. Matsubara, D.Sc.; Iwai, T., M.A.  A new apogonid fish, Siphamia majimai.  
Lost4092 Kawamoto, N.  A Consideration on the Promotion of Productivity in the Fish Farm.  
Lost4094 Kim, I.S. 1991 Taxonomical study of the suborder Balistoidei (Pisces: Tetraodontiformes) from Korea.  
01964 Kim, I.S.; Kang, E.J. 1986 The osteology of Moroco keumhang uchida, (Pisecs, Cyprinidae) in Korea.  
Lost4095 Kimura, S.; Wu, H.L. 1994 Polyspondylogobius sinensis, a new genus and species of Gobiid, fish from southern China.  
Lost4096 Klausewitz, W.  Familie Labridae (Choerops cyanodon rich) die v. mullersche sammlung anstralischer fische in stuttgart.  
04095 Klunzinger, C.B. 1870 Synopsis of the Fish of the Red Sea (The Investigation of Ichthyofauna of the Red Sea).  
02927 Kottelat, M.; Whitten, A.J. 1996 Freshwater Fishes of Western Indonesia and Sulawesi: Additions and Corrections.  
Lost4097 Kou, G.H. 1972 Studies on the occurrence and biolhemical properties of Virulent and Avirulent strains of Freshwater fish pathogen, Aeromonas liquefaciens.