Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
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Lost3481 Richards, W.J.; Wise, J.P.  Biology and fisheries of large scombroid fishes off northwest Africa "La Biologie et les pecheries de grands poissos scombroides au large du nord-ouest africain". Tropical Atlantic Biologial Laboratory, Bureau of Commerical Fisheries,USA. 
02002 Schultz, L. P.  Family labridae ─ Fish of the marsgall of mariaua. U.S. National Museum Bulletin. 
01902 Schultz, L. P.  Family Muraenidae: moray eels. U.S. National Museum Bulletin. 
00529 Schultz, L. P.  Family SCARIDAE: Parrotfishes. U.S. National Museum Bulletin. 
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Lost3641 Kottelat, M.  Status of Luciocy prinus and fustis (Osteichthyes: Cyprinidae). Zool. Research. 
Lost3702 Klunzimger, A.  Pomacentridae: Heliastes lividus n. sp. Labridae, Gadidae. Zur fischfauna von Sud-Australien. 
04585 陳兼善  臺灣產鯖魚類檢索 大陸雜誌 
Lost3711 邵廣昭  雀鯛科魚類數值分類學之研究-I.台灣產雀鯛科魚類之種類及其分布. 中山大學學報. 
Lost3715 Chang, K.H.; Lee, S.C. 張崑雄,李信徹  台灣產鯖亞科魚類之初步檢討 A preliminary review of Scombrinae of Taiwan 中國水產 
Lost3716 Hsiao, S.M. 蕭世明  [Tilapia mossambica], [T. nilotica], [T. aurea]及[T. zillii]之雜交試驗初報. 中國水產. 
03374 丁雲源  中國南海及暹邏灣漁場之魚類調查 中國水產 
Lost3718 宋薰華  台灣新發現之艾氏圓鯧魚 中國水產 
02037 李盧嘏, 鄭昭任  三種本省未曾紀錄過的蝦虎科魚類 中國水產