Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
01972   Typical Perch-like Fishes: Small-Toothed Jobfish; Fusiliers, Bananafish. The Fishes of New Guinea. 
01975   鸚哥魚科 Scaridae 臺灣脊椎動物誌(中冊)第六章硬骨魚綱 
01976   鸚嘴魚屬 Scarus Forskal, 1775  
01997  1967 ACANTHOPTERYGII: Family, XV - ACANTHURIDAE (pt.) Richards. Fishes of India. 
02003  1981 FAO species identificaiton sheets - Family: Muraenidae. FAO. 
02008   Fishes of the Philippine Seas and Adjacent Waters: LETHRINUS CARINATUS Weber. Bulletin 100, United States National Museum. 
02004  1981 FAO species identificaiton sheets - Family: Ophichthidae. FAO. 
02023  1986 大甲溪德基水庫魚蝦類出步調查報告 25-資-03 經濟部水資源統一規劃委員會 
01971   416. 鯖科Family Scombridae屬及種之檢索表  
02951  1993 Fishing for Numbers. Australian Fisheries. 
Lost0918  1960 Ch. Roux.--La faune des Poissons du Niari (Moyen Congo); etude du milieu et comparaison avec les bassins voisins(). C.R. Soc. Biogeogr. 
Lost0959  1964 Grass Rockfish, [Sebastodes rastrelliger] (Jordan and Gilbert), from the Yaquina Bay Area, Oregon. California Fish and Game. 
Lost1426  1947 [Lamna ditropis], New Species, the Salmon Shark of the North Pacific. Copeia. 
Lost1427  1965 Ecological Basis for the Distribution of an Atlantic Butterflyfish, [Chaetodon aya]. Copeia. 
Lost1428  1982 The Pipefish Name [Syngnathus uncinatus] Weber, a Junior Synonym of [Bhanotia fasciolata] (Dumeril). Copeia. 
Lost0051  1967 The "Oshoro Maru" Cruise 18 to the East of Cape Erimo, List of Fishes Collected by Trawling off the Coasts of Kushiro and Tokachi, Hokkaido, List of Bottom Inbertebrates Collected by Trawling off the Coasts of Kushiro and Tokachi, Hokkaido. Data Record of Ocean. Obser. Expl. Fish., Faculty of Fish. Hokkaido Univ.