Scientific Name
Callechelys marmorata  
Callechelys marmorata雲紋麗蛇鰻
by: ©Randall, John E.
Author (Bleeker, 1853) Depth 1 - 34M
Chinese 雲紋麗蛇鰻 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 蛇鰻科 Economic Fish No 
Family F081 Ophichthidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 雲紋麗鰻 
Max Length 87 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 鰻仔、硬骨篡、篡仔、硬骨仔、雲紋麗鰻 
Distribution in World India Ocean to Pacific Ocean   Distribution in Taiwan South 
Habitats Coastal  Holotype Locality Sibogha, western Sumatra [Sibolga, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, eastern Indian Ocean] 
Synonyms Callechelys guichenoti, Callechelys marmoratus, Dalophis marmorata, Ophichthys marmoratus, Pisodonophis maculatus   
Reference 陳正平等(2010)墾丁國家公園海域-魚類圖鑑(增修壹版)。墾丁國家公園管理處。屏東。XIV+650pp.;McCosker, J.E., 1998. A revision of the snake-eel genus Callechelys (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) with the description of two new Indo-Pacific species and a new Callechelyin genus. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. 50(7):185-215.   Bleeker, P. 1853 Kishimoto, H. 1997 
Specimen List ASIZP0060469. RUSI35042.  
Common Name Marbled snake eel; Marbled snake-eel 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist