Scientific Name
Dolichosudis fuliginosa
Dolichosudis fuliginosa黑長裸蜥魚
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Author Post, 1969 Depth 0 - 1200M
Chinese 黑長裸蜥魚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 裸蜥魚科 Economic Fish No 
Family F196 Paralepididae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China  
Max Length 30.5 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 光鱗魚、裸狗母魚 
Distribution in World global   Distribution in Taiwan South West 
Habitats Deep Sea、Coastal  Holotype Locality Off Brazil, 28°34'S, 46°53'W 
Synonyms Lastrolepis intermedia, Lestidium intermedium, Lestiolepis intermedia, Lestrolepis japonica, Paralepis intermedius, Sudis vanderbilti   
Reference Ho et al. (2019), Platax, 16:1-22. 
Specimen List
Common Name Barracudina 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Characteristic Body slender, moderately compressed. Head moderate. Eye moderate, round, lateral. Lower jaw and palatine with long canines. Body naked except lateral line region; scale on anterior lateral line roughly diamond-shaped, about as high as long; total lateral line scales 74-81. A single black papilla immediately in front of eye. Two luminous ducts along midventral line between head and pelvic fins. Dorsal fin small, origin of dorsal fin about midway between insertion of pelvic fin and origin of anal fin; anal fin long, with 40-45 rays. Body pale with dark dorsal band.
habitats Meso- and bathypelagic species; rapid swimmers, mostly known from juveniles. Young found between 10-200 m while juvenile and adult specimens between 400-800m. 
Distribution Circumtropical in all oceans. It found in northeastern Taiwanese waters. 
Utility No commercial importance.