Scientific Name
Ostichthys sheni  
Ostichthys sheni沈氏骨鱗魚
by: Lab of Fish Ecol. and Evo., BRCAS
Author Chen, Shao & Mok, 1990 Depth 50 - 200M
Chinese 沈氏骨鱗魚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 金鱗魚科 Economic Fish Yes 
Family F282 Holocentridae Edible Fish Yes  Chinese In Mainland China 沈氏骨鰃 
Max Length 12 cm  Aquarium Fish Yes  Common Name 金鱗甲、鐵甲兵、瀾公妾、鐵線婆 
Distribution in World Taiwan [Endemic in Taiwan]   Distribution in Taiwan South、North East 
Habitats Coral、Coastal  Holotype Locality Chungchou, Taiwan 
Synonyms Ostichthys japonicus   
Reference 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);Fishbase(2008);Chen, J-P., K.-T. Shao and H-K Mok, 1990. A review of the myripristin fishes from Taiwan with description of a new species.. Bull. Inst. Zool., Academia Sinica 29(4):249-264  Chen, J.-P., K.-T. Shao, etc. 1990 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 
Specimen List ASIZP0065888. ASIZP0074741. ASIZP0800686. ASIZP0910686. FRIP00768. NMMBP00140. NTUM07668.  
Barcode2008-03-24,Kui-Ching Hsu,CO1,100%
Common Name Sea goldfish 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Characteristic Dorsal fin with XII spines and 13 soft rays; anal fin with IV spines and 11 soft rays. Body uniformly light reddish, with big eye and mouth.
habitats Inhabit demersal marine environment. Nocturnal behaviour, feed on preys during night. Other ecological behaviour is unclear.  
Distribution Northwest Pacific: Taiwan. 
Utility No commercial species, edible.