Scientific Name
Istiblennius lineatus  
Istiblennius lineatus線紋蛙鳚
Author (Valenciennes, 1836) Depth 0 - 3M
Chinese 線紋蛙鳚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 鳚科 Economic Fish No 
Family F447 Blenniidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 條紋動齒鳚 
Max Length 15 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 狗鰷 
Distribution in World India Ocean to Pacific Ocean   Distribution in Taiwan East、South、North、North East、PonFu、ShaoLiuChew、LanI Is.、Greeb IS. 
Habitats Coral、Coastal  Holotype Locality Java, Indonesia 
Synonyms Halmablennius lineatus, Salarias hasseltii, Salarias kingii, Salarias lineatus, Salarias lividus, Salarias mccullochi, Salarias multilineatus   
Reference 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);Fishbase(2006);Springer, V.G. and J.T. Williams, 1994. The Indo-West Pacific blenniid fish genus Istiblennius reappraised: a revision of Istiblennius, Blenniella, and Paralticus, new genus.. Smithson. Contrib. Zool. 565:193 p  Cuvier, G. etc. 1836 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 Springer, V. G. etc. 1994 
Specimen List ASIZP0054101. ASIZP0054263. ASIZP0056827. ASIZP0057077. ASIZP0057633. ASIZP0058538. ASIZP0058867. ASIZP0058900. ASIZP0059166. ASIZP0059206. ASIZP0060244. ASIZP0065699. ASIZP0065750. ASIZP0065760. ASIZP0070103. ASIZP0072504. ASIZP0080349. ASIZP0080362. ASIZP0080376. ASIZP0800864. ASIZP0800865. ASIZP0800866. ASIZP0804366. ASIZP0805190. ASIZP0910864. ASIZP0910865. ASIZP0910866. ASIZP0914366. ASIZP0915194. BPBMI23234. FRIP21369. NMMBP00358. NMMBP00359. NMMBP00361. NMMBP00362. NMMBP00364. NMMBP00367. ...List all 116 records... 
Barcode2008-03-25,Kui-Ching Hsu,CO1,100% 2011-08-16,柯慧玲,CO1,100%
Common Name Black-lined blenny; Lined blenny; Lined rockskipper 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Utility No commercial value.