Scientific Name
Dischistodus melanotus  
Dischistodus melanotus黑斑盤雀鯛
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Author (Bleeker, 1858) Depth 1 - 12M
Chinese 黑斑盤雀鯛 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 雀鯛科 Economic Fish No 
Family F411 Pomacentridae Edible Fish Yes  Chinese In Mainland China 黑斑盤雀鯛 
Max Length 16 cm  Aquarium Fish Yes  Common Name 厚殼仔 
Distribution in World Australia   Distribution in Taiwan South、Nan Sa IS. 
Habitats Coral、Coastal、Lagoon  Holotype Locality Manado, Sulawesi [Celebes], Indonesia 
Synonyms Dischistodus notophthalmus, Dischistodus notopthalmus, Pomacentrus melanotus, Pomacentrus notophthalmus, Pomacentrus suluensis   
Reference Fishbase(2005);Fishes of Japan(Nakabo, 2002)  Nakabo T. 2002 Nakabo T. 2002 
Specimen List NTUM03127.  
Common Name Yellow demoiselle; Black-vent damsel 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Characteristic Dorsal rays XIII, 13-15; Anal rays II, 13-14; pectoral rays 17; lateral-line scales 15-17; body depth 2.0-2.1 in standard length. Upper and lower accessory caudal rays not spinous. Posterior margin of preopercle serrated. Both jaws with biserial teeth. Predorsal scales reaching above anterior part of orbit. Adults with a large black patch on the abdomen reaching the anus; juveniles an ocellus over the center of the dorsal fin base.
habitats Occurs in lagoon reefs and generally prefers small patch reefs with sand or rubble substrates. Feeds on benthic algae which it aggressively guards against other herbivores. Juveniles secretive in rubble. 
Distribution Distributed in the western Pacific, including southern Japan and the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, Philippines, Palau, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef. Reported from Vanuatu. It is very rare and only found in southern Ta 
Utility No commercial value.