Scientific Name
Siganus punctatus  
Siganus punctatus斑臭肚魚
by: Lab of Fish Ecol. and Evo., BRCAS
Author (Schneider & Forster, 1801) Depth 1 - 40M
Chinese 斑臭肚魚 Poisonous Fish Yes 
Family_Chinese 臭肚魚科 Economic Fish Yes 
Family F467 Siganidae Edible Fish Yes  Chinese In Mainland China 斑籃子魚 
Max Length 40 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 臭肚、象魚、變身苦(臺東)、象耳(澎湖)、臭肚仔(澎湖)、羊矮仔(澎湖)、盧矮仔(澎湖) 
Distribution in World Australia   Distribution in Taiwan South、PonFu 
Habitats Coral、Benthos、Coastal、Lagoon  Holotype Locality Singapore 
Synonyms Amphacanthus capricornensis, Amphacanthus chrysospilos, Amphacanthus guttatus, Amphacanthus hexagonatus, Amphacanthus melanospilos, Amphacanthus punctatus, Amphacanthus stellatus, Harpurus inermis, Hepatus concatenatus, Siganas hexagonata, Siganus capricornensis, Siganus chrysospilos, Siganus chrysospilus ...all 28..  
Reference 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);The Live Marine Resources of the Western Central Pacific, Vol.6(FAO, 2001)  沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 
Specimen List ASIZP0055158. ASIZP0055991. ASIZP0057542. ASIZP0057652. FRIP01038. FRIP21315. FRIP21731. FRIP22228. NMMBP04905. NMMBP06551. NMMBP06655.  
Common Name Yellowspotted spinefoot; Spotted spinefoot; Spinefoot; Goldspotted spinefoot; Gold-spotted spinefoot; Gold-spotted rabbitfish; Goldspotted rabbitfish 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Characteristic Dorsal-fin rays XIII,10 ; anal-fin rays VII,9; pectoral-fin rays16-18. Body depth 1.9-2.3 times in standard length; dorsal profile of head straight; snout 1.9 -2.1 in head; caudal fin of adults deeply forked; blue, the head, body, and caudal fin with numerous small close-set dark-edged orange spots; a faint dark spot about as large eye sometimes apparent behind upper end of gill opening; more than a few meters away this fish appears uniform dark brown under water, though it can display a pale saddle-like spot anteriorly on caudal peduncle.
habitats Adults tend to swim together as pair, usually on reefs. Feed on benthic seaweeds. 
Distribution Western Pacific, east to islands of Micronesia and Samoa, west to West Australia and Cocos-Keeling island. Taiwan: South. 
Utility Commercial fisheries species.