Scientific Name
Norfolkia brachylepis  
Norfolkia brachylepis短鱗諾福克鳚
by: ©Randall, John E.
Author (Schultz, 1960) Depth 2 - 7M
Chinese 短鱗諾福克鳚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 三鰭鳚科 Economic Fish No 
Family F445 Tripterygiidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 短鱗諾福克鳚 
Max Length 7.3 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 狗鰷、三鰭鳚 
Distribution in World India Ocean to West Pacific Ocean   Distribution in Taiwan South、PonFu 
Habitats Coral、Coastal、Lagoon  Holotype Locality Coral heads in e. end of Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, Marshall Is., w. Pacific, 20-25 ft. 
Synonyms Enneapterygius brachylepis, Norfolkia springeri, Tripterygion brachylepis   
Reference Chen, C.-H., 2004 Checklist of the fishes of Penghu. FRI Special Publication No. 4. 175 p.;Fricke, R., 1994. Tripterygiid fishes of Australia, New Zealand and the southwest Pacific Ocean (Teleostei).. Theses Zool. 24:1-585;Fishbase(2006)  Schultz, L.P. etc. 1960 Fricke, R. 1991 Fricke, R. 1994 陳春暉 2004 
Specimen List NMMBP03128. NTOUP200910-152. NTOUP201006-339. NTOUP201207-578. NTUM07801. USNM00227496. USNM00231759. USNM00231760. USNM00231762. USNM00231763. USNM00231764. USNM00231767. USNM00231769. USNM00231770. USNM00231772. USNM00231773. USNM00231775. USNM00231778. USNM00231781. USNM00325733.  
Common Name Rough-head triplefin; Tropical scaly-headed triplefin 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Utility No commercial value.