Scientific Name
Uropterygius oligospondylus
Uropterygius oligospondylus少椎尾鯙
by: Hong-Ming Chen
Author Chen, Randall & Loh, 2008 Depth 0 - 15M
Chinese 少椎尾鯙 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 鯙科 Economic Fish No 
Family F079 Muraenidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 少椎尾鱔 
Max Length 53.5 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 寡椎鰭尾鯙、短椎尾鯙、錢鰻、薯鰻、虎鰻 
Distribution in World Australia   Distribution in Taiwan East 
Habitats Coral、Coastal  Holotype Locality Offshore of Changbin, Taitung, southeastern Taiwan, 23.311°N, 121.453°E, depth 15 meters 
Reference Loh, K. H., I. S. Chen, J. E. Randall and H. M. Chen, 2008. A review and molecular phylogeny of the moray eel subfamily Uropterygiinae (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Taiwan, with description of a new species. Raffles bulletin of zoology, 2008 Supplement No. 19: 135–150. 
Specimen List NTOU-AE1862.  
Common Name Few-vertebrae moray 
Redlist Status Not in IUCN Redlist