Scientific Name
Coelorinchus spinifer
Coelorinchus spinifer大棘腔吻鱈
by: H. M. Yeh etc
Author Gilbert & Hubbs, 1920 Depth 1098 - 1393M
Chinese 大棘腔吻鱈 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 鼠尾鱈科 Economic Fish No 
Family F215 Macrouridae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 大棘腔吻鱈 
Max Length   Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 鱈魚 
Distribution in World Australia   Distribution in Taiwan Nan Sa IS. 
Habitats Deep Sea、Coastal  Holotype Locality Gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi [Celebes], Indonesia, 0°04'S, 121°36'E, Albatross station 5607, depth 761 fathoms 
Synonyms Caelorinchus spinifer, Coelorhynchus spinifer   
Reference 1. Iwamoto, T., 1999. Order: Gadiformes. Macrouridae (sometimes Coryphaenoididae, Bathygadidae, Macrourididae, Trachyrincidae, in part, in literature). p. 1986-1992. In K.E. Carpenter and V.H. Niem (eds.) FAO species identification guide for fishery purposes. The living marine resources of the WCP. Vol. 3. Batoid fishes, chimaeras and bony fishes part 1 (Elopidae to Linophrynidae). FAO, Rome; 2.Gilbert, C. H. and C. L. Hubbs. 1920. Contributions to the biology of the Philippine Archipelago and adjacent regions. The macrouroid fishes of the Philippine Islands and the East Indies. Bulletin of the United States National Museum No. 100, v. 1 (pt 7): 369-588;  Gilbert, C. H. etc. 1920 
Specimen List ASIZP0066748.  
Common Name Grenadier 
Redlist Status Not in IUCN Redlist