Scientific Name
Taeniamia dispilus
Taeniamia dispilus橫紋帶天竺鯛
by: ChingYi Chen
Author (Lachner, 1951) Depth 2 - 60M
Chinese 橫紋帶天竺鯛 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 天竺鯛科 Economic Fish No 
Family F352 Apogonidae Edible Fish Yes  Chinese In Mainland China 橫紋帶天竺鯛 
Max Length 8 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 大面側仔、大目側仔 
Distribution in World India Ocean to Pacific Ocean   Distribution in Taiwan East、West、South、North、North East、PonFu、ShaoLiuChew、Greeb IS. 
Habitats Coral、Coastal、Lagoon  Holotype Locality Soo Wan Bay, Taiwan, depth 3-9 meters 
Reference 1. Shao, K. T., and J. P. Chen (1986) The New Records of Cardinalfishes from Taiwan, with a Synopsis of the Family Apogonidae. Journ. Taiwan Museum, 39(2):61-104;2. Fraser, T. H. (2013) A new genus of cardinalfish (Apogonidae: Percomorpha), redescription of Archamia and resemblances and relationships with Kurtus (Kurtidae: Percomorpha). Zootaxa 3714 (no. 1): 1-63.  
Specimen List ASIZP0054909. ASIZP0055921. ASIZP0055927. ASIZP0055948. ASIZP0056611. ASIZP0056963. ASIZP0056964. ASIZP0058657. ASIZP0062124. ASIZP0062145. ASIZP0062528. ASIZP0064340. ASIZP0064346. ASIZP0067108. ASIZP0067150. ASIZP0071141. ASIZP0802123. ASIZP0802124. ASIZP0802263. ASIZP0912123. ASIZP0912124. ASIZP0912263.  
Barcode2012-01-08,Chia-Hao Chang,CO1,100%
Common Name Cardinalfish 
Redlist Status Not in IUCN Redlist