Scientific Name
Blenniella chrysospilos  
Blenniella chrysospilos紅點真蛙鳚
by: Lab of Fish Ecol. and Evo., BRCAS
Author (Bleeker, 1857) Depth 0 - 6M
Chinese 紅點真蛙鳚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 鳚科 Economic Fish No 
Family F447 Blenniidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 紅點真動齒鳚 
Max Length 13 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 狗鰷 
Distribution in World India Ocean to Pacific Ocean   Distribution in Taiwan LanI Is. 
Habitats Coral、Coastal  Holotype Locality Ambon I., Moluccas Is., Indonesia 
Synonyms Alticus evermanni, Istiblennius chrysospilos, Istiblennius chrysospilos insulinus, Istiblennius coronatus, Istiblennius insulinus, Salarias aureopuncticeps, Salarias belemnites, Salarias bryani, Salarias chrysospilos, Salarias coronatus, Salarias unimaculatus   
Reference 臺灣魚類誌(沈等, 1993);Fishbase(2006);Springer, V.G. and J.T. Williams, 1994. The Indo-West Pacific blenniid fish genus Istiblennius reappraised: a revision of Istiblennius, Blenniella, and Paralticus, new genus.. Smithson. Contrib. Zool. 565:193 p  沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 Springer, V. G. etc. 1994 
Specimen List ASIZP0055072. ASIZP0072511. ASIZP0074918. ASIZP0805197. ASIZP0915201. USNM00296016.  
Common Name Red-spotted blenny 
Redlist Status NL Not in IUCN Redlist     
Characteristic Dorsal fin with XIII spines and 19-21 soft rays; anal fin with II spines and 21-22 soft rays; pectoral fin with 14 soft rays; pelvic fin with I spine and 3 soft rays. Nuchal cirrus present, but small. Supraorbital cirrus slender with trifid tips. Low occipital crest in male, none in female. This species shows a high degree of sexual dimorphism in color pattern; a round black spot on midside of body is remarkable in the male.
habitats Inhabits reef-associated marine environment; depth range - 6 m; clear coastal reef flats, often in exposed habitats, common in outer intertidal reef flats and surge-swept seaward reef; usually where algal growth is prolific.  
Distribution Indo-West Pacific: east coast of Africa to the Society Islands, north to the Ryukyu Islands, south to about 24°S. 
Utility No commercial value.