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Scientific Name: Balistapus undulatus
Author: (Park, 1797)  Parts: Whole Fish
Family: Balistidae   Length: 190mmTL
Family ID: F505  Weight:  
Amount: 1  Type:
Preserved in: Freeze  Temp.: -196 ℃ 
Collect Date: 2006-09-25  Gear: Hook and line  Growth:
Collector: L . Q . Cai   Identifier: W. Q. Jing  Iden. Date: 2006-09-25
Longitude: 121.38  Depth:    Keyin Date: 2015-12-23 
Latitude: 23.59   Coord. Uncertainty:    Modi. Date:  
Locality: Hualien 
Same Sorce: ASIZP0912548   (Collected from the same Fish)
Remarks:   FRIP22024