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Scientific Name: Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis
Author: Matsubara & Hiyama, 1932  Parts: Caudal Peduncle Muscle
Family: Triglidae   Length: 215mmSL
Family ID: F310  Weight:  
Amount: 1  Type:
Preserved in: Fixed in EtOH Preserved in EtOH  Temp.: 4 ℃ 
Collect Date: 2007-05-21  Gear: French type Beam Trawl  Growth:
Collector: Y. C. Liao & K. T. Shao   Identifier: Takuji Yato  Iden. Date: 2014-03-05
Longitude: 121.72833  Depth: 253-253   Keyin Date: 2008-01-25 
Latitude: 15.77833   Coord. Uncertainty: 50M   Modi. Date: 2014-03-05 
Locality: CP2662, Aurora, Philippines 
Same Sorce: ASIZP0067899  ASIZP0803660   (Collected from the same Fish)
Remarks:   Brarcoded by Fr MNHN in 2008; Backup in LRI cryobank. 2008/3/5何宣慶更正學名:由Halieutaea stellata更正為Pterygotrigla macrolepidota。;Aurora-Baler Benthic Flora and Fauna Survey 2007, Philippines. 
memo: 2010/8/4check, ok. 典藏位置為B1冰櫃Box 65。原何宣慶鑑定Pterygotrigla macrolepidota,2014/3/5Takuji Yato更訂為Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis
Original Identified: Halieutaea stellata