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Scientific Name: Ceratobregma helenae
Author: Holleman, 1987  Parts:
Family: Tripterygiidae   Length:  
Family ID: F445  Weight:  
Amount: 1  Type: Paratype
Preserved in: Ethanol  Temp.: Room Temp. 
Collect Date: 1968-04-30  Gear:  Growth:  
Collector: V. Springer, J. Choat & G. Huber   Identifier: Holleman/1987  Iden. Date:
Longitude: 120.81333  Depth:  Keyin Date: 2008-01-08 
Latitude: 21.93   Coord. Uncertainty:    Modi. Date: 2008-03-18 
Locality: Southwest shore just off Ch'uan-fan-shih, Taiwan 
Remarks:   Holleman, W. 1987. Description of a new genus and species of tripterygiid fish (Perciformes: Blennioidei) from the Indo-Pacific, and the reallocation of Vauclusella acanthops Whitley, 1965. Cybium v. 11 (no. 2): 173-181. 
Accepted Name: Ceratobregma helenae