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Collection ID Scientific Name Parts Locality Date
NTUM02979Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish TA-KUANG, HENG-CHUN 1972-04-20  
NMMBP00398Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Son-sen Aquarium   
NTUM02919Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish SHUI-KENG (水坑) 1973-03-31  
USNM00275450Amphiprion clarkii  ROCKY SHORE OF MAO-PI T'OU ON SOUTHWEST COAST OF TAIWAN. 1968-05-06  
NMMBP05493Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Penhow, Taiwan 1971-07-17  
ASIZP0916927Amphiprion clarkii Caudal Peduncle Muscle Penghu 2008-02-10 Photo Present
RUSI34983Amphiprion clarkii  Off Houpihu 1988-01-20  
ASIZP0070531Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Nanwan, Pingtung 1991-03-15  
NMMBP02357Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Nan-wan, Pingtung, Taiwan   
NTUM02932Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish NAN-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1975-11-13  
NTUM02965Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish NAN-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1975-04-01  
NTUM02969Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish NAN-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1975-04-01  
NTUM02977Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish NAN-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1975-04-01  
NTUM02906Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lyudao, Taidung 1975-11-05  
NTUM02915Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lyudao, Taidung 1975-11-15  
NTUM02918Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lyudao, Taidung 1975-11-05  
NTUM02922Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lyudao, Taidung 1975-12-13  
NTUM02951Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lyudao, Taidung 1975-11-05  
NTUM02941Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish LIU-CHIU, PINGTUNG 1970-06-17  
ASIZP0058086Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Liouciouyu, Pingtung 1991-03-15  
ASIZP0058668Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Liouciouyu, Pingtung 1991-05-29  
ASIZP0062126Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Liouciouyu, Pingtung 1991-07-10  
NTMP0022Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Liouciouyu, Pingtung 1988-09-10  
ASIZP0062304Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Lanyu 1991-08-17  
ASIZP0069981Amphiprion clarkii Whole Fish Kending, Pingtung 2007-04-19 Photo Present