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Collection ID Scientific Name Parts Locality Date
BPBMI23445Ostracion cubicus  S end; Nanwan; middle of bay directly E of harbor at Hou-Pi-Hu; pinnacle reef 1978-07-22  
NTUM01348Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish HSIANG-CHIAO-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1973-04-04  
NTUM01339Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish NAN-WAN, HENG-CHUN 1973-04-02  
NTUM01341Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish HOU-PI-HU, HENG-CHUN 1972-04-27  
NTUM01340Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish HUNG-CHAI-KENG, HENG-CHUN 1972-04-18  
NTUM01337Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish HUNG-CHAI-KENG, HENG-CHUN 1971-12-21  
NTUM01336Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish HOU-PI-HU, HENG-CHUN 1971-11-15  
NTUM01441Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish Yeliu, Taipei 1971-09-05  
NMMBP06539Ostracion cubicus Whole Fish Pai-sa, Pingtung, Taiwan 1961-10-01