Scientific Name
Bathytyphlops marionae
Bathytyphlops marionae盲深海青眼魚
by: Y. C. Liao & K. T. Shao
Author Mead, 1958 Depth 868 - 1920M
Chinese 盲深海青眼魚 Poisonous Fish No 
Family_Chinese 爐眼魚科 Economic Fish No 
Family F192 Ipnopidae Edible Fish No  Chinese In Mainland China 盲深海青眼魚 
Max Length 38 cm  Aquarium Fish No  Common Name 青眼魚 
Distribution in World global   Distribution in Taiwan South 
Habitats Deep Sea  Holotype Locality Caribbean Sea [western Atlantic], Oregon station 1955, 16°48'N, 82°33'W, depth 550 fathoms 
Synonyms Bathypoterois marionae, Bathypterois marionae, Macristiella perlucens   
Reference Mead, G. W. 1958. Three new species of archibenthic iniomous fishes from the western North Atlantic. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences v. 48 (no. 11): 362-372.  
Specimen List ASIZP0068002. ASIZP0068053. ASIZP0068054. ASIZP0803763. ASIZP0803814. ASIZP0803815. ASIZP0913763. ASIZP0913814. ASIZP0913815. FRIP00124.  
Barcode2015-10-23,Chia-Hao Chang,CO1,%
Common Name  
Redlist Status Not in IUCN Redlist