Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
Lost4035 Chapman, W.M.  On the osteology and relationships of the south American fishes, Aplochiten zebra jenyna.  
Lost4036 Chapman, W.M.  The osteology of the Pacific deep-bodied anchovy, anchoa compressa.  
Lost4037 Chen, C. T. (陳哲聰)  Systematic Studies of Sharks of the Genus Centrophorus (Family Squalidae) from Taiwan  
Lost4038 Chen, C.; I. J. Cheng  Fishery Biology of Sharks in the Eastern Waters of Taiwan. I.Systematics (台灣東部海區鮫類之資源生物學基礎研究.1.分類).  
Lost4040 Chugunova, N.I. 1963 Age and growth studies in fish.  
Lost4041 Creaser, C.W. 1953 The structure and growth of the scale of fishes in relation to the interpretataion of their history, with special reference to sunfish (Eupomotis gibbosus) 1926.  
Lost4042 Das, M.K.; Nelson, J. 1988 Hybridization between northern redbelly (Phoxinus neogaeus) (Osteichthyes: cyprinidae) in Alberta.  
Lost4043 Das, M.K.; Nelson, J. 1990 Spawing time and fecundity of Northern Redbelly Dace, Phoxinusess, Finescale Dace, Upper Pierre Grey Lake, Alberta.  
Lost4044 Davis, W.P.; ect. 1977 The systematics, biology and zoogeography, of Ptereleotris heteropterus (Pisces: Gobiidae).  
Lost4045 Day  Fishes of India: Famiy XXX-Blenniidae, Muller.  
Lost4046 Dekhnik, T.V.; Sinyukova, V.I. 1966 Distribution of pelagic fish eggs and larvae in the miditerranean sea. Part II. On the reproduction and ecology of larvae of mediterranean myctophidae.  
01892 Deng, S. M., G. Q., Xiong and H. X. Zhan  A report on the elasmobranchiatc fishes from the Deep-Waters of East China Sea  
02484 DeSoete, G. and J. D. Carroll  K-means Clustering in a Low-Dimensional Euclidean Space.  
02488 DeSoete, G.; Carroll, J.D. 1992 probabilistic Multidimensional Models of Pairwise Choice Data.  
04350 Dingerkus, G. 1992 Rhyacichthys guilberti, a new species of loach goby from Northeastern New Caledonia (Teleostei: Rhyacichthyidae).  
Lost4048 Dooley, J.K. 1977 American society of Ichthyologists and herpetologists fifty-seventh annual meeting.