Reference of Taiwanese Fishes 19073 Records
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ID Author Year Title Publisher
01973 De Beaufort  7. Aphareus Cuvier & Valenciennes.  
01976   鸚嘴魚屬 Scarus Forskal, 1775  
02012 荒賀忠一  蓋刺魚科 - 蝶魚科 - 電鰻科 - 射水魚科  
01971   416. 鯖科Family Scombridae屬及種之檢索表  
01083 蒲原稔治 1934 高知市附近の魚類追記(VII).  
Lost3994 Burgess, G.H.; Macpherson, K.A. 1974 Northern range extension of the plumed scorpionfish, Scorpaena grandicornis (Pisces, Scorpaenidae).  
Lost3995 Matsui, I. 1951 Relation between the trawling ground and the benthic association in the east China sea and the yellow sea.  
Lost3997 Steindachner, H. 1908 Uber drei reus Arten Von SuBwasserfischen aus dem Amazonasgebiet und aus dem See Candidius auf der Insel Formosa, ferner uber die vorgeruckte Altersform von Loricaria acuta C.V., Anz,Aka. DER. Wiss., 1908.  
Lost3998 Follett, W.I.  An analysis of fish remains from ten archaeological sites at Falcon Hill, Washoe County, Nevada, with notes on fishing practices of the ethnographic kuyuidzkadz Northern Peiute , Neuada State Museum Anthropological.  
Lost3999 Hamai, I.; ect. 1971 Effect of temperature on the body form and mortality in the developmental, and early larval stages of the alaska pollack, theragra chaloogramma (Pallas).  
Lost4000 Herre, A.W. 1953 Check list of phillippine fishes.  
Lost4001 Abe, T.; Funabashi, M. 1993 A record of a merlucciid fish from off Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.  
Lost4002 Alcock, A.  Supplementary list of indian fishes.  
03346 Alfonso, N. 1998 An Ecological Monitoring Plan for the Canadian Museum of Nature Aylmer Site.  
Lost4003 Al-Hussaini, A.H. 1946 The anatomy and histology of the alimentary aract of the bottom-feeder, Mulloides Auriflamma (Forsk).  
Lost4004 Allen, G.H. 1958 Notes on the fecundity of silver salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch).